Git Server Management

Accessing a Remote Repository

GitDrive acts as a perfectly functioning Git version control server. Once your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and GitDrive is opened, the server will automatically be activated, allowing you to push or pull your repositories using either Http or Git protocols. Note that if a repository is already enabled for remote user authorization, Git protocol cannot be used, since Git protocol does not support user authorization.

Navigate to Side Menu --> Settings --> Server to configure the Http and Git protocols. Changes will be effective immediately – there is no need for any additional work on your part.

The blue button located at the top of the Side Menu is the Server switch. Clicking this switch will activate or deactivate the server. Underneath the switch, your device’s IP address is shown; supposing that your IP address is, and your repository is named myrepo, your repository can be cloned with one of the following commands:

git clone OR
git clone git://

Activating Background Operation Mode

Under the default setting, the Git server will stop working when you exit to the device home screen or switch to another application – you will have no way to connect your device unless you re-open GitDrive.

However, if you enable Background Operation Mode from the Server Settings, GitDrive will continue to operate for a set period of time (5 minutes) after exiting to the home screen or switching to another application. If there are no connection requests or current downloads during this 3-minute period, GitDrive will enter into Sleep Mode, and the server will stop working.

Because iOS systems do not allow applications to operate in the background over long periods of time, we play a silent MP3 file to keep GitDrive active while in the background. This will lead to increased power consumption by your device, so we do not allow the application to remain in this state for too long; if there is no activity for a certain amount of time, the MP3 will stop playing and GitDrive will enter into Sleep Mode.