Viewing Repository Content

From the All Repositories screen, clicking on a repository name will send you into that repository and open up the Content Navigator. The application will start up a different Content Navigator based on the type of file selected.

Folder Browser

This is the most commonly used content browser – it will be opened every time a repository is entered. The Folder Browser will record your where you left off last time, and whenever a new repository is opened will set this as your starting location. All current paths are shown next to the icon, and by clicking anywhere on the path you can quickly navigate to your desired location.

Text File Browser

The Text File Browser is used to view text files, and based on the file extension name, the corresponding program syntax coloring can be located and applied to the file. If you think the automatically selected syntax is incorrect (for example, the same .h initial file can potentially appear as Objective-C or C++, based on the selected language syntax file), you can tap the button in the upper right corner of the screen, then tap Change Syntax Coloring to change the programming language that will be used for syntax coloring.

Besides modifying the syntax color of any text file, you can also change color theme, fonts, and text sizes.

Markdown File Browser

Markdown is widely-used as a marking language, so we developed the markdown file browser – in this browser you can examine HTML versions of a markdown file, and can also check the markdown’s source file by pressing the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Image File Browser

The Image File Browser supports most major image formats; you can resize images from the browser.

Open In System Browser

Selecting "Open in System Browser" will open any files supported by iOS, including: audio, video, Excel, Word, etc..

Branches and Tags

From the Folder Browser, press on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to enter the Branches/Tags page. Tapping on the name of any branch or tag will switch the repository’s content to show your selection.